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Solidarity with Ukrainian Universities

Motion of the Board of Directors

The University of Florence expresses its closeness to the population, to the Ukrainian institutions, and to all those who are suffering at this moment in the dramatic circumstances of the ongoing war. The violent attack, hitting those territories, deeply undermines the values and the foundations of Europe and of our Constitution, which states in Article 11 "Italy repudiates war as an instrument of offence to the freedom of other peoples and as a means of settling international disputes; it allows, on equal terms with other States, the limitations of sovereignty necessary for an order that ensures peace and justice among Nations; it promotes and encourages international organizations for this purpose".

Referring strongly to these principles, the University of Florence appeals to the international community so that dialogue and diplomacy may act for the negotiated resolution of the conflict and expresses its deep solidarity with the teachers and students of Ukraine for the consequences that this very serious event causes on the daily life of the entire nation.

The University, also in the light of art. 1, paragraph 3, of its Statute, reaffirms its commitment to "cooperation and interaction of cultures, as a factor of progress and as a means to contribute to the affirmation of the dignity of all humans and to the just and peaceful coexistence among peoples" and intends to promote collaborative actions and humanitarian initiatives in support of universities and the Ukrainian university community in this moment of serious difficulty.

The University of Florence shares and embraces the communiqué of the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI), within which the Universities for Peace Network (RUniPace) is active.

04 March 2022
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