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A microwave oven to produce energy from special waste

The Research of the Department of Chemistry at the Green Tech Expo

Producing energy from exhausted tyres: Tyrebirth (pictured), a new pyrolysis-based oven based on microwave technology to dispose of exhausted tyres producing at the same time reusable materials will be presented for the first time at Ecomondo, the international fair for green technology and sustainable development in Rimini this month of November.

The pyrolysis oven was developed thanks to the collaboration between a team from the Department of Chemistry "Ugo Schiff" made up by Luca Rosi and Marco Frediani and CAF, a company active in the heavy lifting, land reclaiming and waste disposal businesses.

The project of the oven was born in 2007 within the research group coordinated by Piero Frediani, with the goal to give a second life to special waste that European law is now sending to landfills and waste burners. “The oven, as Luca Rosi and Marco Frediani, researchers in industrial chemistry explain, allows to obtain from tyres a liquid component, fuel, that can be used as machine fuel, a solid fraction to be reused as tyre raw material or as as energy source and a small gas fraction mainly methane and hydrogen, usable as yet another source of energy”.

The UniFi scientists started by investigating the chemical degradation process which is at the base of Tyrebirth, for which CAF has deposited a patent in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. In addition, this oven can also be used to handle other special waste and common plastic waste.

Tyrebirth-Unifi pyrolysis oven

09 November 2016