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  CommunicationNewsTsunami-generating earthquakes being investigated in a laboratory


Tsunami-generating earthquakes being investigated in a laboratory

International research lead by the University of Florence in Nature Geoscience

Understanding the link between earthquakes and tsunamis and, in particular, what are the conditions that amplify the risk of a tsunami, it is of fundamental importance to assess the risk to which many coastal areas are exposed. This topic is the subject of an international study, led by Paola Vannucchi of the Department of Earth Sciences, published in Nature Geoscience.

An international study (Past seismic slip-to-the-trench recorded in Central America megathrust), recently published in Nature Geoscience (DOI: 10.1038 / s41561-017-0013-4), investigated this field: the research was financed by two European Union projects called USEMS and NOFEAR (Uncovering the Secrets of an Earthquake: Multidisciplinary Study of Physical-Chemical Processes During the Seismic Cycle and New Outlook on seismic faults: From Earthquake nucleation to Arrest).

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18 January 2018
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